WOLF is a joined brand with Sub-Zero.  Where Sub-Zero is known for its fine line of refrigeration products, Wolf is best known for its phenomenal line of cooking appliances, that include:


    • Wolf built-in ovens
    • Wolf convection steam ovens
    • Wolf range tops
    • Wolf gas ranges
    • Wolf dual fuel ranges
    • Wolf electric cooktops
    • Wolf induction cooktops
    • Wolf microwaves
    • Wolf warming drawers
    • Wolf outdoor grills
    • Wolf ventilation systems


Background on the Wolf Range Corporation


California-based Wolf Range Corporation was acquired in 2000 by 60-year old Sub-Zero Corporation, a pillar in home and commercial refrigeration. Since then, the eco-friendly Wolf brand has expanded its product line of high-end kitchen appliances for professional and commercial use including professional-style ranges, cooktops and grills.


Wolf products are offered through authorized dealers throughout North America and can be located by clicking here (Yuri – insert link). You can visit the Wolf website to view the brand’s extensive offerings that include kitchen stoves/ovens, ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, microwaves, warming drawers, integration modules and ventilation equipment. Wolf cooking include single ovens, double ovens and convection steam ovens.


Wolf Cooktop Product Line


Wolf offers electric, induction and gas cooktops.  The electric cooktop models are offered with cooking rings in three sizes: 15-inch, 30-inch and 36-inch. Typically, residential usage is for the smaller ring sizes, however, the 30 and 36-inch rings are typically used by commercial establishments such as restaurants and hotels.  


Wolf’s electrical cooktops are finished with attractive stainless steel trim with three heating elements and seven cooking zones, making it easy to have multiple pots and pans going at the same time. The Wolf True Simmer feature and a separate heating element can be allocated solely to the defrosting of frozen food.

Another handy Wolf feature is a lock mode that will shield all elements from turning on and comes with timer that is adjustable for sound and frequency.


Every aspiring chef has his or her personal preference of electric over gas or induction. In the case of electric cooktops, Wolf claims that one of the most beneficial features of their electric cooktops is that heat transference between source and cooking receptacle is direct heat transference resulting in truer temperatures.


When installing a Wolf electrical cooktop it is important to remember that to ensure a safe cooking environment that the cooktop must be powered by a separate grounded three-wire connection.


Fans of gas cooktops are not bothered by the fact that when using a gas cooktop that heat can escape from the sides of causing more head concentration at the center of the pot or pan and less heat at the outer edges.

Wolf Induction Cooktops


Similar to the Wolf electric cooktops, Wolf offers induction cooktops in the same 15, 30 and 36-inch sizes. Popular in Europe, Wolf’s induction cooktops are gaining in popularity in North America due to their 90% plus energy efficiency rating.


A favorite Wolf induction cooktop is the scratch-resistant, 30-inch black ceramic glass model with True Simmer settings on two elements and defrost settings for the other two elements. Families like the Wolf induction cooktop for its safety features to keep little fingers and hands safe. The Wolf induction cooktop comes with a temperature regulator and hot-surface light.



Repair of Your Wolf Cooktop System


Wolf cooktop systems are highly complex cooking systems.  Self-repair is not advised. It is prudent to first consult your owner’s manual and follow simple troubleshooting steps. However, if you follow the advised protocol without results, it is time to call one of our factory-trained Wolf appliance technicians to avoid further damage to your cooktop system.  


Maintenance Tips for Wolf Cooktop Systems


A few dollars allocated to prevention are worth hundreds or thousands allocated to curing an appliance problem.  To protect your Wolf appliance, it is best to schedule regular maintenance and keep your appliances clean.

If a part associated with your Wolf cooktop should become worn and need replacement, your local Wolf dealer can help you with this or you may be able to order one online. If you are unsure of the replacement model you need, this information is readily available in your user’s guide. Wolf replacement parts are backed by a limited warranty,


Wolf Product Extended Cooktop Warranties


Investment in an extended manufacturer’s warranty is a good idea if you plan to keep your Wolf appliance for a longer period. They can be purchased at the manufacturer’s website where two to five year residential warranties are offered.


These extended warranties come in handy in that they will cover ventilation repair that needs to be effected by a skilled appliance technician.  Be reminded that in order to keep your appliances covered under extended warranty that service to your Wolf appliances need to be made by a certified Wolf appliance repair professional.


What Sets Us Apart from the Crowd

High-quality brand appliances add value to a home or business so keeping your appliance investment working optimally is the best think you can do to ensure longevity of your appliances and maintain added value to your home or business.

You’ve heard the expression, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This adage particularly applies to repair or maintenance of your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. Don’t take our word for it.  Ask around. Once you do, you will learn that we are your best choice for Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance repair in Southern California.  Not only are we licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind, we can often make a service call on the same day of your service request.  We offer weekend, evening and early morning appointments to accommodate the work schedules of our customers.

Work performed by SUB-ZERO SERVICE PRO is backed by one of the best guarantees in the industry.  We are insured, licensed and bonded our appliance technicians have passed stringent background and experience checks.


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