SUB-ZERO PRO is a premier global kitchen appliance company that earned its reputation as a top tier manufacturer of residential kitchen appliances with continual expansion and improvement on its product lines since the company’s inception in 1945. Proud to be Made in America and managed by the third generation of family members of founder Westye F. Bakke, Sub-Zero continues earn more customers by sticking to tried-and-true business practices of providing the best refrigeration – including wine storage units —  and cooking products in the marketplace, backed by unparalleled customer service and best-in-industry warranties.


Sub-Zero Wine Preservation Solutions


Sub-Zero Pro company prides itself on sleek, elegant, stainless steel design of its wine preservation solutions and wide range of refrigeration products, combining modern elegance and the rugged sturdiness and durability expected from commercial grade refrigeration appliances.  


Sub-Zero offers indoor and outdoor refrigerated wine storage systems that can be installed in any environment, making entertaining inside or outside convenient and enjoyable.  The versatile Sub-Zero wine storage line offers unprecedented versatility has earned Sub-Zero a coveted top position in commercial and residential wine cooling systems.


Sub-Zero Family of Products

Sub-Zero is a global leader in refrigeration and wine preservation solutions ranging from integrated refrigeration units that can be integrated within any design or configuration. The brand also offers under-counter refrigeration and freezing units and best-in-class wine storage systems.  


Sub-Zero refrigeration unit models come in side-by-side versions, their signature French door models as well as glass door refrigerators and freezers, over/under refrigeration units, individual refrigerators and freezers, wine storage units and under-counter configurations of all cooling products.


Choice of Finishes


Sub-Zero offers highly customizable exterior finishes in durable, lightweight, easy-to-clean, rust-resistant stainless steel or overlay. The brand’s wine preservation solutions come in multiple heights, widths and finishes with a wide range of cooling capacities.   Sub-Zero wine storage come as free-standing units or can be configured as a built-in to fit your specific décor.


Overlay units are a bit more cost-effective while the super popular stainless steel models cost a bit more. Notwithstanding finish, Sub-Zero wine preservation solutions can accommodate between 46 and 147 bottles of your favorite wines.


Perfect Temperature Sub-Zero Wine Storage Solutions


Sub-Zero wine storage solutions were designed to help you store and enjoy your favorite wines. Specific wines are best consumed at a specific temperature and kind of wine fares best within a specific temperature range. The Sub-Zero wine storage units are equipped with sensitive thermostatic equipment that can be set between 39°F to 65°F in two separate cooling cabins.


As light may impact the quality of your fine wines, Sub-Zero wine storage solutions protect your precious wine with bronze colored UV resistant tinted glass that serves as a sunblock to prevent permeation of harmful rays that could jeopardize the quality of your wines. A powerful, quiet, minimal vibration compressor powers the wine storage unit that houses two evaporators – one for each cooling cabin – that regulates optimal humidity without disturbing the wine. Shelving is sturdy and calibrated for a smooth glide while accessing a specific wine so as not to disrupt the repose environment of your other precious bottles.  


Troubleshooting Sub-Zero Wine Storage Units


Although they are built for the long haul, we have observed and serviced common issues with Sub-Zero wine storage systems. Here are a handful of symptoms that require attention by a qualified Sub-Zero wine preservation specialist:


  • Service light is on
  • Lights have gone off within the wine storage system
  • Unit does not maintain a programmed temperature
  • It seems to be fighting to maintain an operating cool environment while expelling excessive head
  • You observe excessive condensation or noise
  • The unit seems to be running on overdrive


It is best to contact one of our factory-trained Sub-Zero wine storage technicians who can quickly determine the best course of action.  Often, a simple adjustment can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair bills if caught in time.  


As with other refrigeration troubleshooting, first consult your user’s manual and if you have not found a simple and immediate solution it is best to consult with factory-certified professional.


Sub-Zero Wine Storage Repair


Certain symptoms signal what repair might be needed. As a mother recognizes the need behind a baby’s cry, a well-trained refrigeration technician will understand that a certain ping, whine or other sound signals needs for a specific solution.


When a service light flashes, often it signals that a condenser might need cleaning. Here the fix is simple. If you clean the condenser, then turn the unit off and on, you may have remedied the situation yourself. If the service indicator light keeps flashing, then you know there is likely a more complex issue at hand that needs to be addressed by a wine cooler repair technician.


Another common problem is electrical connectivity.  If you observe no lighting in your unit, first check to see that the power is on and that the breaker controlling the wine cooling unit is on. Sometimes, lack of lighting simply signals that cabinet lighting needs to be replaced which can be quickly done by a Sub-Zero appliance technician.

Typically, a unit cannot cool properly if someone has not properly closed the refrigeration unit door. When in a rush to get back to a pleasant dinner or party, a door may not be completely closed and your unit would automatically disable the unit lights to compensate for excessive heat in the unit.


Before calling a technician it would be helpful to do the following:


  • Check for exterior condensation. This typically means that your unit needs cleaning. This often happens when a door has been left open.


  • Check the door to make sure it is properly closed and that you feel a hint of vacuum when it closes.


  • If the door does not close properly, check the hinges.


  • Clearly, if the door has not been closed properly, close it and verify that the gasket around the door is not damaged


  • Check to make sure it has not accidentally been switched to showroom mode


If you have observed any of the aforementioned troubleshooting bullet points call a factory-certified appliance technician.  Same goes if your wine storage unit is expelling high temperatures or seems to be running harder than usual. When your unit struggles to cool often an increase in internal unit temperature causing excessive strain on the compressor that requires immediate professional attention.


Sub-Zero Product Guaranty and Warranties


Sub-Zero refrigeration products, including wine preservation solutions, come with a best-in-class warranty that underwrites the cost of appliance repair and carpentry, with 2,5 and 12-year residential plans available and require that work be performed by factory-certified technician to ensure optimal repair and product longevity.


Other Sub-Zero Kitchen Appliances


Sub-Zero Ranges: From refrigeration units to complimentary lines of kitchen products, Sub-Zero also offers high performing cook tops, kitchen stoves, wall ovens, ventilation products and warming drawers through Sub-Zero’s sister company, Wolf – that rivals competitors such as SUB-ZERO, Thermador and Dacor.


Sub-Zero melds the ease-of-use of conventional top-tier home refrigeration and cooking facility with state-of-the-art engineering and durability provided by commercial cooking and cooling appliances. Sub-Zero joined the SUB-ZERO brand in conforming commercial appliances for in-home use.   


With this degree manufacturing quality, Sub-Zero appliances are best maintained by appliance repair technicians who are factory-trained in repair, installation and preventative maintenance of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.


Each SUB-ZERO SERVICE PRO appliance technician is highly specialized in the extensive SUB-ZERO product appliance line that includes:  


  • Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration
  • Sub-Zero built-in refrigeration
  • Sub-Zero wine storage
  • Sub-Zero under-counter refrigerators
  • Sub-Zero freezers
  • Wolf ranges
  • Wolf built-in cooktops
  • Wolf cook tops and range tops
  • Wolf module cook tops
  • Wolf range hoods and ventilation
  • Wolf warming drawers
  • Wolf outdoor grills


Due to the complexity of these refrigeration and cooking products, it is crucial that their installation, maintenance and repair be made by appliance technicians expert in servicing Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking products. When it is time for your Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance to be looked at, we stand ready to serve as your go-to, one-stop appliance rescue service provider for Sub-Zero and Wolf products.


High-quality brand appliances add value to a home or business so keeping your appliance investment working optimally is the best think you can do to ensure longevity of your appliances and maintain added value to your home or business.

You’ve heard the expression, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This old adage particularly applies to repair or maintenance of your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. Don’t take our word for it.  Ask around. Once you do, you will learn that we are your best choice for Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance repair in Southern California.  Not only are we licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind, we can often make a service call on the same day of your service request.  We offer weekend, evening and early morning appointments to accommodate the work schedules of our customers.

Work performed by SUB-ZERO SERVICE PRO is backed by one of the best guarantees in the industry.  We are insured, licensed and bonded our appliance technicians have passed stringent background and experience checks.


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