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When anyone thinks best-in-class refrigeration or wine preservation products, Sub-Zero typically will come to mind. This brand, a residential and commercial refrigeration for generations has been around since mid-last century.  Sub-Zero refrigeration products have been Made in the United States since the latter 1940s.

These top-of-the-line refrigeration products are continually enjoying upgrades, making them even more ecologically efficient and reliable.


Sub-Zero and Wolf Brands 


Picture Rosie the Riveter, the United States in full embroilment in the Second World War and the town of Madison, Wisconsin. It was here that Westye Bakke imagined and built his first Sub-Zero freezer in the basement of his home. The year was 1945. Since then, the brand has improved on its freezers adding a full line of refrigeration products.  


Fast forward to the Spring of 2000. The third-generation of Bakke family Sub-Zero owners and managers acquired the Wolf cooking appliance brand. Since then, the Bakkes have dedicated resources to expand the Wolf brand into a world-class cooking brand, parallel in quality and innovation as the Sub-Zero brand is in refrigeration.


Sub-Zero Refrigeration Product Line


Sub-Zero Service Pro specializes in repair, maintenance and installation of the complete line of Sub-Zero refrigeration and wine preservation appliances that are typically finished in stainless steel or designer overlay finish come in a wide range of configurations that include side-by-side refrigerators and freezers, French and glass door refrigerators and freezers, over/under refrigerator and freezer units, freezers and refrigerators.


Durable, easy-to-clean Sub-Zero appliances come in categories including:



Most Sub-Zero refrigerators ensure maximum food preservation as they are equipped with dual refrigeration and freezer systems both optimized to maintain constant temperatures, minimize moisture, eliminate odors and provide maximum energy efficiency.


Sub-Zero Refrigerator Service (800) 520-7059


Refrigerators can be highly complex mechanisms. Common problems can be easily repaired, however, when it comes to electrical malfunctions, thermostat issues, climatization stabilization and other more complex complaints, a Sub-Zero well-trained technician is your best bet in getting your refrigeration investment back to full operating capacity. Even when you suspect that something is not quite right with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, freezer, wine cooler or other appliance, it is better to be safe than sorry by calling us.


A few common warning signs include:


  • Sensor indicates that a malfunction has occurred
  • Sub-Zero Refrigerator lighting has ceased to work
  • Temperatures are not constant
  • Your Sub-Zero appliance is making strange noises
  • You notice excessive condensation
  • A foul odor is present


If you experience any of these complaints, to ensure the longevity of your Sub-Zero appliance, it is best to contact your local Sub-Zero Service Pro dispatcher to get a technician over to look at your appliance as quickly as possible. It is easier to troubleshoot a small problem while it is still small than when a major breakdown has occurred.  Below, you can learn about simple do it yourself solutions. However, if they do not work on the first try, know that it is time to call your local Sub-Zero appliance repair technician.


Cheat Sheet on Common Sub-Zero Refrigerator Problems


Here are a few easy fixes for our most common customer complaints:


  • Is your service light on or blinking? Go to your User Guide to identifying the cause of the malfunction signal. Once it is determined, you may try to repair the issue yourself.
  • A microprocessor malfunction is typically signaled by a tools indicator. This often means that the refrigerators condenser may need cleaning.
  • When this occurs, make sure the condenser is clean, then power down the unit at the power key pad and restart it.
  • If it has stopped blinking, you’re good! If not, call us!
  • No interior lights? Do the obvious and make sure your refrigerator or freezer is plugged in and the power is on. Before you assume the worst, check to see if the light bulb has burned out.
  • If there is a temperature issue, check for power to the unit. You might want to check your home circuit breaker to see if something might have tripped it.
  • Check doors for obstructions
  • Check refrigerator for status. If you have accidentally switched into showroom mode it will not be able to cool. You will need to call a Sub-Zero appliance repair specialist in this instance.
  • Do you hear unusual noises? It might not be anything at all. If you hear buzzing, this is typically your ice maker. Check for good connection and make sure the ice maker is on.
  • Words of wisdom on condensation: Contact a Sub-Zero appliance repair expert. This is often a sign of a larger internal problem.
  • Smelly frig? Throw out old food and give it good cleaning and check the air purification system. Often this cartridge needs replacement. Remember to seal all foods.
  • Try to keep your refrigeration unit clear from blockages and residue. This may be a bit grungy for you to do alone, so give us a call.  We’re used to it.


A Few More Helpful Hints for your Sub-Zero Appliance

We are your one-stop shop for Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator repair or replacement parts. However, if you prefer, you may purchase replacement parts directly through the Sub-Zero manufacturer’s website.

Be reminded that regular maintenance is the key to longevity of your product.  


Our Company typically process service within 24 hours. Our technicians have received certification and have undergone training at many other major appliance brand factories that is followed by an appropriate period of apprenticeship before they are dispatched to you.


Sub-Zero refrigerator service technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured so that our customers enjoy full peace of mind when using our company to take care of appliance repairs.  They are among the best in Southern California and offer same-day Sub-Zero refrigerator service throughout most service areas.


We are dedicated to keeping our repair team and customers up-to-date on product innovations, appliance recalls, brand training opportunities and best-in-class appliance repair techniques. Sub-Zero Service Pro’s is proud of its growing list of customer referral and repeat business, organically expanding our presence throughout the greater Los Angeles region.


Our work is backed by a 100% guarantee and all technicians have undergone background and drug checks, making them fully insurable, licensed and bonded.  To schedule an appointment for your Sub-Zero refrigerator service, please contact us at (800) 520-7059.