SUB-ZERO is a premier global kitchen appliance company that earned its reputation as a top tier manufacturer of residential kitchen appliances with continual expansion and improvement on its product lines since the company’s inception in 1945. Proud to be Made in America and managed by the third generation of family members of founder Westye F. Bakke, Sub-Zero continues earn more customers by sticking to tried-and-true business practices of providing the best refrigeration and cooking products in the marketplace, backed by unparalleled customer service and best-in-industry warranties.


Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration | Best Practices to Maintain Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator


Sub-Zero Dual-Refrigeration Technology


Sub-Zero has refined the art of refrigeration. Different foods enjoy freshness longer under specific refrigeration parameters which is why Sub-Zero has created a line of dual-refrigeration units to produce specialized cooled climates for fruits and vegetables that function best at a certain range of temperatures and another set of cooling parameters for meats and fish.


Sub-Zero applies the same dual climatization concept to its freezer compartments, making foods last longer, taste better and allow families to minimize food waste.


Sub-Zero Easy Integration and Optimized Functionality


Designers rave about Sub-Zero’s sleek lines and stainless steel exteriors while food officionados understand that not only to Sub-Zero products look great, but they are great for storing quality foods used to create exeptional meals.  Each Sub-Zero refrigerator is a bit larger than your traditional refrigerator and was designed with specific food storage needs in mind. Each compartment has been optimized to house a particular kind of food and to keep it as fresh as possible until it is used to create a cuilinary masterpiece or be consumed as-is. The larger Sub-Zero refrigerators provide expanded food storage capacity for extended families, a parade of friends or a simply for a household that enjoys entertaining.


Its hard not to love a Sub-Zero refrigerator or freezer as they easily integrate in any kitchen environment. They are manufactured to easily adapt to kitchen cabinent finishes, making them a natural part of any kitchen’s interior or exterior landscape. This polished, integrated look enables Sub-Zero cooling systems to meld with any décor or kitchen style from the most traditional to the avantgard, contemporary or ultramodern. The often oversized Sub-Zero easily blends into the kitchen scenery.


Sub-Zero Cost vs. Function and Durability


Anyone who has priced a Sub-Zero refrigeration system knows that they are not inexpensive. Today’s consumer also knows that the old saying you get what you pay for rings particularly true in the case of a Sub-Zero refrigerator or freezer. When you buy Sub-Zero, you buy the brand promise of state-of-the art functionality, durability, extreme longevity and flawless design. In short, a Sub-Zero appliance is a property value-enhancing investment.


A Sub-Zero refrigerator or freezer equates to delicious food of the highest nutritional value at all times. Raw foods that are gaining more and more in popularity these days are guaranteed to stay crisp, fresh and and appealing after a few days refrigeration as they are when they first arrive from a local Farmer’s Market or grocery store.


Troubleshooting Sub-Zero Refrigeration Systems


Notwithstanding the cost of a refrigeration unit, like any electro-mechanical device, even a Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration system can require repair from time to time. Durability of any home appliance is greatly enhanced by scheduled maintenance, periodic troubleshooting and repair at the first sign of trouble.


Here are a handful of issues that sometimes crop up with integrated refrigeration units:


  • Compression problems:  The hardest-working component in a refrigerator is its compressor. It propels coolant throughout the mechanism and come sometimes become overheated, particularly as the Sub-Zero unit ages.


  • Condenser problems: Those coils at the back of your refrigerator are the condenser coils. They easily attract dust, dirt, oil and other particles which can be difficult to clean. Although manufacturers suggest that a condenser be cleaned every few months, typically they are cleaned less often and even never, in some cases.  Although this can be done without training, it is cumbersome and can be done better by a technician with specific knowledge about condensers and refrigeration operation.


  • Wear and tear: Mechanical parts simply wear out over time. This is particularly true about gaskets, seals and other rubber or plastic parts.  When a refrigerator cannot seal properly, it causes uneven cooling. Any particles of disintegrating rubber, plastic or household dust accumulations can damage the condenser if not removed.  



  • Micro-leaks: Small leaks fron your refrigeration unit typically leave behind a telltale smell. Drainage system problems are easier to notice and must be drained immediately to ensure the proper functioning of the refrigeration unit.  





Sub-Zero Product Guaranty and Warranties


Although Sub-Zero under counter refrigerator must be built into the counter underneath it and repairs are likely more costly than a stand-alone refrigerator, Sub-Zero under counter units also come with a best-in-class warranty that underwrites the cost of appliance repair and carpentry, with 2,5 and 12-year residential plans available.


Because Sub-Zero is a top rung kitchen appliance manufacturer, the company enjoys long-standing relationships with companies such as Sub-Zero Service Pro, factory-certified experts in Sub-Zero appliance repair.


Sub-Zero Kitchen Appliances


Sub-Zero Ranges: From refrigeration units to complimentary lines of kitchen products, Sub-Zero also offers high performing cook tops, kitchen stoves, wall ovens, ventilation products and warming drawers through Sub-Zero’s sister company, Wolf – that rivals competitors such as SUB-ZERO, Thermador and Dacor.


Sub-Zero melds the ease-of-use of conventional top-tier home refrigeration and cooking facility with state-of-the-art engineering and durability provided by commercial cooking and cooling appliances. Sub-Zero joined the SUB-ZERO brand in conforming commercial appliances for in-home use.   


With this degree manufacturing quality, Sub-Zero appliances are best maintained by appliance repair technicians who are factory-trained in repair, installation and preventative maintenance of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.


Each SUB-ZERO SERVICE PRO appliance technician is highly specialized in the extensive SUB-ZERO product appliance line that includes:  


  • Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration
  • Sub-Zero built-in refrigeration
  • Sub-Zero wine storage
  • Sub-Zero under-counter refrigerators
  • Sub-Zero freezers
  • Wolf ranges
  • Wolf built-in cooktops
  • Wolf cook tops and range tops
  • Wolf module cook tops
  • Wolf range hoods and ventilation
  • Wolf warming drawers
  • Wolf outdoor grills


Due to the complexity of these refrigeration and cooking products, it is crucial that their installation, maintenance and repair be made by appliance technicians expert in servicing Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking products. When it is time for your Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance to be looked at, we stand ready to serve as your go-to, one-stop appliance rescue service provider for Sub-Zero and Wolf products.


High-quality brand appliances add value to a home or business so keeping your appliance investment working optimally is the best think you can do to ensure longevity of your appliances and maintain added value to your home or business.

You’ve heard the expression, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This old adage particularly applies to repair or maintenance of your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. Don’t take our word for it.  Ask around. Once you do, you will learn that we are your best choice for Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance repair in Southern California.  Not only are we licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind, we can often make a service call on the same day of your service request.  We offer weekend, evening and early morning appointments to accommodate the work schedules of our customers.

Work performed by SUB-ZERO SERVICE PRO is backed by one of the best guarantees in the industry.  We are insured, licensed and bonded our appliance technicians have passed stringent background and experience checks.


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